Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start learning full CMLL/EOLR?

It is recommended to learn full CMLL as soon as possible, as you are going to have to learn it eventually. However, as a general guideline, the latest you should begin to learn is when averaging around 20-30 seconds.

EOLR should only be learnt after learning full CMLL. Similarly to CMLL, learning it as soon as possible is recommended, but a recommended time to start learning is when averaging around 15 seconds.

How do I improve my blocks?

We recommend looking at solves from fast roux solvers (Kian, Sean, etc.), and understanding how they plan and optimise their blocks (movecounts, ergonomics). Example solves are preferred as the thought process is explained, but reconstructions are sufficient as well.

We also recommend using the following block trainers to practice identifying optimal solutions for blocks